CC Pocock's - Stunts & Airshows
CRAZY DYNAMITE flying act!

You will never believe what a standard aircraft is capable of doing until you've seen this show!

Impossible, unbelievable, totaly extreme over the edge manuevers in a non aerobatic general aviation Cessna 172!

Passing within only a few inches of the ground ending in a spectacular grand finale as the aircraft virtually fly's through a massive and ground shaking fireball explosion! And thats not all, the display ends with an incredibly short landing and sometimes not even on the runway.

Milne "CC" Pocock is a professional bush pilot, stunt pilot and pyrotechnician. His airshow performances demonstrate the full envelope and capabilities of general aviation aircraft. He performs stunts in virtually any single or twin engine general aviation aircraft with or without Pyrotechnics for any Airshow, Film or TV production.