Barberton Airfield
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RWY 35-17. 1000m. Grass. Lights. Elv: 2300ft. Co-ords:S25º43'051 - E030º58'515 Freq:124.8 "Barberton"
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The Barberton Airfield is situated in the heart of the Barberton Valley in the most Southern part of the South African Lowveld (Wild Frontier). This is an established general aviation airfield serving the Barberton Valley area.

The airfield is private and the home of CC Pocock and of course Bush Air and Pyro-FX. The building in the photo's is the house, hangar and workshops.

We are 15km from Barberton and 35 km from Nelspruit, off the R40, 1km on the Snymansbult road. We are about 50km from the Kruger Park and Swaziland border.

The airfield infrastructure includes a 1000m grass runway with lights, hangar & workshop facility, entertainment area and secure aircraft parking area.

We also have overnight accomodation available to pilots or your can pitch a tent next to your aircraft. Contact us prior to your arrival for any reservations.

STATUS OF AIRFIELD: Private airfield. PPR. Land at your own risk and discretion. Indemnity form Email: Tel:

CO-ORDINATES: S25º43'051 - E030º58'515. Aviation sectional chart.

RUNWAY (17 - 35): 1000m x15m. Grass. Lights. Elv: 2300ft

The runway surface is 1000m x 15m (3300ft x 50ft) hard grass between the runway lights. Runway clearing (airstrip) is 1100m x 50m wide. Elevation is 2300ft asl. The runway has a 1.6º slope, RWY 35 is uphill and 17 is downhill. All landings on RWY 35 and take off's on RWY 17. There are no obstacles on the approach or departure. Microlight strip under the left base for RWY 35 - refer to bottom of page for more info.

The runway is suitable for aircraft up to 8000kg (17500lbs).

The runway is clearly marked as a precision runway and equipped with ICAO specification runway lighting. Refer to bottom of this page for Night Operations Procedures.

FREQUENCY: 124.80 for joining and landing. Call sign: "Barberton".

LODGING: Accomodation and camping facilities including full kitchen, bar and entertainment is available to pilots in search of a rustic and secluded weekend getaway or stopover.

HANGAR and PARKING: A secure parking area is available for overnight parking. A 100m x 50m apron is available for large aircraft such as Let-410's, King Air's, PC12's, Caravans etc.. We have a hangar area available to aircraft owners who would like to errect their own hangars. Contact us for more details.

FUEL: Fuel can be arranged upon request. We are planning to install a pump in the future.

MISCELLANEOUS: Fully equipped workshop / hangar.
Premises available to the Film & TV industry for location, stunts and special effects.
Airfield available for law enforcement and aerial fire fighting operations and support.
Night Operations Procedures.

Runway 35 threshold is displaced to the touchdown markers by 200m for night operations. However at pilots discretion, landings may be made prior to the touchdown markers or green threshold lights.

All night landings are to be made ONLY on runway 35. Fly a lefthand curcuit at minimum 3500ft asl downwind (Runway elevation is 2300ft at the center).

Contact Kruger international (FAKN) on freq: 119.20 for local altimeter setting (QNH). Join overhead at 4500ft then a descending left turn to join a left downwind for runway 35 at minimum 3500ft.

Continue down wind and turn left base over the Badplaas road. In the event of a missed approach conduct an immediate maximum climbing left turn abeam the tower or at the end of the runway and re-enter a left downwind for runway 35. Do not continue on the extended centerline as there are dangerous powerlines at 2650ft asl half a mile to the north of the centerline and a 3000ft asl hill about one mile to the North West. Approach to land only on the runway with green threshold lighting(35). If threshold lights are red then you are on a dangerous approach to runway 17! All departures to be made only from runway 17.

Do not land here at night unless you have our permission, a briefing and have signed an indemnity form. Contact us to confirm operation of Runway Lighting, VASI and Beacon.

Land at your own risk and descretion.



Microlight strip under the left base turn to runway 35. This strip is known as "Alma" and is located on the southern side of the Badplaas road. However not very active.

Microlight strip under the left base turn to runway 17. This strip is know as "Jock" and situated parallel to the R40 Nelspruit / Barberton road. Microlights occasionaly operate out of this strip without using radio.

Barberton Airfield - Occasional testing and usage of Explosives, Pyrotechnic Special Effects, Fireworks and Lasers on the airfield day or night. Also ground and aerial stunt work for Film & TV productions. An explosives zone is located along the eastern side of the runway. During such activities all traffic in the area will be advised. Refer to AIC 20.1


Information on this page was last updated December 2008


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